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Important McKenzie College Covid-19 Policy Update

Important McKenzie College Covid-19 Policy update:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – a mandatory vaccination and masking policy will be administered

SEPTEMBER 22nd – All students must have at least one dose of Canadian approved vaccine to attended campus classes. These students can attend class on campus but will be required to have a college administered rapid test twice a week and wear a mask at all times.

OCTOBER 15th- All students are required to be fully vaccinated in order to attend campus classes.

Our classrooms have been optimized for social distancing. All students must wear a mask while moving about the campus and when they cannot social distance.

Online classes are accessible to students who cannot attend campus. Medical exemptions must be validated by a qualified physician. Medical records are not kept on file, to protect privacy.

Students who show two or more symptoms of Covid-19 must stay home and cannot return to classes until they present a negative Covid test, even if they are fully vaccinated.

Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and on our website to stay up-to-date with policy changes and government recommendations.

Most importantly, stay safe.

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