Why McKenzie

Why McKenzie

McKenzie College strives to make a difference in students’ lives through individualized instruction, guidance and mentoring, and by helping them discover and develop their skills and abilities. Our team-based approach provides employees with a rewarding and fulfilling environment in which they can flourish and feel satisfied with their important contributions to their work.

We provide flexibility and an opportunity for growth in a creative environment and value each person’s contribution. We offer an opportunity to learn and create in a diverse environment and respect the contribution each employee makes.

Our newly renovated downtown Campus is located in Moncton, New Brunswick. This city has a reputation for “Being One of the Best Cities to Live in Canada”. A thriving city in the hub of the Maritime provinces filled with natural parks and beaches: Moncton truly is ahead of the pack. Enjoy short commutes to work, affordable real estate and a friendly, welcoming community.

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Our viewbook

The viewbook provides a great overview of programs, admission requirements, student life, and more.