Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for acceptance into a McKenzie College program, a complete application containing the following admission requirements.

NOTE: If you are applying for a McKenzie Language program, only application items 1 and 2 are required to complete initial application. If you are an international student, CLICK HERE for additional information and requirements.

1. Application form

CLICK HERE to start your application.

2. Application fee

Domestic: $0
International: $300.00 CAD

This fee is in CAD and is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: Domestic applicants are charged a Confirmation Deposit. ($250) This payment is non-refundable and will be applied to tuition.

Making a payment
CLICK HERE for information about making a payment.

3. Academic transcripts

Minimum requirement: Completion of High School, GED, Adult High School diploma or equivalent experience. Transcripts must indicate successful completion of high school, post-secondary program, diploma or degree (if any), or have supporting documents that indicate completion.

NOTE: A conditional acceptance can be granted for those who have yet to complete high school. We ask that you submit a copy of most recent transcripts.

4. Profile letter

This is a one or two-page letter describing you, your background, your ambitions/goals/career objectives and reasons you feel McKenzie College is the right school for you.

5. Interview

This can be scheduled whenever you are available. An online interview can be arranged. To book an appointment, contact McKenzie College Admissions at 506.384.6460 x104 or ADMISSIONS@MCKENZIE.EDU.

6. Portfolio/Resume

A portfolio of related work is required if applying to ART or DESIGN programs;  an updated resume is required if applying to our IT programs. CLICK HERE for our portfolio criteria.

Submitting application documents

Excluding the Application form, all required documents can be submitted in-person by booking an appointment with McKenzie College Admissions. Alternatively, all required documents can be submitted online by CLICKING HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not required to submit all application documents at once. Completing the online application form will start your application process and will allow you to continue working on the remaining requirements and criteria.

English Language program applicants

Only application items 1 and 2 are required when applying for a language program. Please see section regarding International Students as it may apply to you.

Requirements for International students

In addition to the above-required admission requirements, International Students must also submit:

1. Copy of valid passport

Must include photograph, name, country of origin, expiry date.

2. Proof of English proficiency

Applicant’s English proficiency test results or English language school transcripts.

3. Valid Canada Study Permit *

After acceptance, we require a COPY OF A VALID CANADA STUDY PERMIT for proof of accepted entry to Canada.

*Online classes DO NOT require a valid study permit.

Acceptance process

Once we receive the complete application, our admission panel performs an application review and makes a collective decision of acceptance. If the student is accepted, he/she will be notified by mail and will be required to confirm their seat into the program they have applied for.

Depending on the recommendations of the admissions committee, you may also be required to provide or complete additional entry tests, including reading comprehension, writing skills, basic computer literacy and artwork. Acceptance into any McKenzie College program will be based on the strength of your academic performance, portfolio submission, and interview.

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Our viewbook

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