International Students

International Students

When you choose to study at McKenzie College, you will receive a highly regarded education and the opportunity to design a future you can be proud of. Located in the heart of the city, the campus is situated near downtown Moncton in Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a short drive to nature parks, trails, campgrounds and beaches Moncton has become a thriving city in a province filled with endless adventure. Enjoy short commutes to work, affordable real estate and a friendly, welcoming community. Just steps away from the front doors, you will find access to the city bus route, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, gyms and so much more! The programs at McKenzie College are truly unique as they offer a vast variety of opportunities including optional Language pathway programs, and the prospect of continuing your education abroad. Through our multiple academic agreements with local and international educational institutions, we aim to give our students boundless resources to ensure they succeed and grow personally and professionally. We are invested in the success of each and every student, and we realize that transitioning to a new country can be difficult. This is why we help our International students arrange for a variety of settlement services including airport pick up services, housing, health insurance and specialized ethnic groceries. We want to help you feel at home.



Study Permits

A Canada Study Permit may be required for international students to study here in Canada. Applicants must include an official McKenzie College Letter of Acceptance in Study Permit applications.

McKenzie has partnerships with professional recruitment agents around the world who can help you with your application and immigration needs.  Ask us about agents in your area. 

McKenzie College DLI# O19391275539

Language Centre DLI# O246774185777

Admission requirements for International students

In addition to the regular admission requirements, International Students must also submit:

1. Copy of valid passport

Must include photograph, name, country of origin, expiry date.

2. Proof of English proficiency

If applicant is not applying for an English Language program at McKenzie College, a copy of English proficiency test results or English language school transcripts are required.

3. Valid Canada Study Permit

After acceptance, we require a COPY OF A VALID CANADA STUDY PERMIT for proof of accepted entry to Canada.

4. Tuition Payment

Your tuition is due before your Letter of Acceptance is sent. This is done to increase your chance of study permit approval.

We accept payments through Flywire. Learn how to make a payment

Tuition policy for International students

The policies and criteria of McKenzie College are the same for all international students. A Canada study permit is required for an international student to study here in Canada. Before the permit application can be processed, the student must apply to McKenzie College, be accepted and receive an official McKenzie College Acceptance Letter. However, to receive the acceptance letter from McKenzie College, the application fee and the confirmation fee must be included.

Refund policy on tuition payments

If you do not obtain the required study permit and are unable to attend McKenzie College, the tuition costs previously paid (excluding the application fee and confirmation deposit) will be fully refunded.

Language requirements

You can see our Language requirements by clicking this link to our admissions page

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Our viewbook

The viewbook provides a great overview of programs, admission requirements, student life, and more.