Language Requirements

Language Requirements

Since English is the language of instruction at McKenzie College, all applicants who wish to enter a Certificate or Diploma program must prove adequate proficiency in English as a prerequisite to admission. 

All international applicants will be required to provide proof of proficiency in English in ONE (1) of the following ways:

1. Minimum English study in applicant’s home country

  • The applicant has studied in an English language secondary school for a minimum of 3 years and has achieved a minimum grade of 70% or B in Grade 12 English or equivalent course; OR
  • The applicant studied at an English language institution for at least one year at the post-secondary level

2. The applicant has studied in a high school in Canada

  • For a minimum of 2 years and,
  • Has achieved a minimum grade of 70% or B in Grade 12 English.

3. Completion of Official Language Proficiency Test

You must submit or complete one of the following language proficiency indicators:

4. Completion of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Level 5 at McKenzie Language Centre

Test results submission policy

Standardized test results must be issued directly from the testing office. Photocopies will not be accepted. Test scores must be valid and verifiable. Scores more than three years old will not be accepted.

Students who are conditionally accepted to McKenzie College but do not meet these language requirements must complete their English Language Training through our Language Learning Centre.

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